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While visiting family in Minnesota, Anthony and Janelle Squire were introduced to vaping during Christmas 2012.

We were amazed by how well the new products we tried truly satisfied our needs for cigarettes. Previously, we had tried cigalikes from the gas station and the experience was disappointing. We liked the idea of an alternative to smoking but cigalikes did not satisfy the cravings for us. When we returned home for our trip, we were unable to find a dedicated vapor shop that had the information and type of products we liked. Within the first month, we had started the ball rolling for opening our own shop!

We love feeling better from not smoking and we wanted to share this great product with others! Since opening our business, we have helped countless people put down cigarettes.

Our Team

Janelle Squire

Owner and Manager

Janelle began vaping 4 years ago. CigaWatt became my full time career in June 2013. It has been wonderful to have this experience to run the family business. The entire family has been united in reaching our goals. Our Children helped with the clean up and decorating the space more than once and the oldest two children have also worked for CigaWatt as well.  Many times Janelle is not seen, as she now has office work to take care of, but she is always around if needed. Our employees have become part of our family and a part of our lives.

Pictured: Janelle in Glasses and Brianna our Oldest Daughter and Janelle's clone.

Anthony Squire


Anthony started his journey to vape while visiting in Minnesota during a below zero Christmas. Smoking in the home wasn't allowed so he was willing to give it a shot because he didn't have to go outside in the freezing cold. It didn't take him long to make the full switch when he realized he felt better and vaping tasted much better too.

Anthony works full time as a VMWare specialist and more in the IT field. You will see him time to time on our Facebook Live videos and popping by the store.

Catherine D

Store Manager - Warrensburg

Catherine began working for CigaWatt in January of 2014. She started with helping out as family and a quickly became a permanent CigaWatt fixture. Catherine took over managing the Warrensburg location when John K retired to sunny Florida. You can see her funny, lighthearted, spicy self almost daily at the Warrensburg location. She has a large knowledge of the vaping industry and what she may not know she will research to find the information for you. If you ever want to make her smile, send her pictures of Hippo's... They are her favorite!!

John B

Store Manager - Blue Springs

John is known around here as the Man, the Myth and the Legend. John has been vaping for over 7 years, before there was any vapor stores any where around the Kansas City area. He is one of the most knowledgeable people we know about a lot of things but especially vape. If you have questions and need answers he usually has them. John was one of our first customers and quickly became a friend and since 2014, an employee. He is one of the most genuine and funny people in the area. John and his wife are a part of our family and the world's greatest couple.

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